Venezuelan Attorney General Requests Interpol Arrest Juan Jose Rendon, Sergio Vergara and Jordan Goudreau for Their Involvement in the May 3 Mercenary Raid

The Public Ministry (MP) issued arrest warrants against Juan José Rendón and Sergio Vergara, as well as against the US citizen Jordan Goudreau for their involvement in the design, financing and execution of the terrorist plans and attempted coup d’état against President Nicolas Maduro.

“Given that they are outside the country, we will request their inclusion with a red alert in the Interpol system, as well as their extradition to Venezuelan territory,” the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported this Friday in a press conference from the headquarters of the Public Ministry, in Caracas. He also reported that 31 people have been charged so far.

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He specified that these citizens, have expressed publicly on TV broadcasted testimonies that their plan was to kill Venezuelans and their crimes cannot go unpunished.

He also reported that “to date, 31 implicated, including mercenaries and a support team, have been detained.” Among those apprehended are José Socorro, José Alvarado, Wilmer Salina, Enderson Ríos, Gustavo Hernandez, Martin Álvarez, Cosme Alcalá, Raúl Manzanilla Almao, Antonio Sequea, Rodolfo Rodríguez, Jefferson Díaz, Jonder Baduel, Víctor Pimienta, Fernando Noya, Enderson Rumi , Luis Paiva, Estewin Rojas and Rosmel Méndez.

Also accused are US citizens Luke Denman and Airan Berry, of the mercenary firm Silvercorp USA, as well as the officials assigned to the DGCIM (General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence): Dimas Murillo, Franklin Leal, Ronny Olivares, Richard Alemán, Víctor Perozo, Junior Ojeda, Angelo Rosales and Gerardo Coticcha.

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He indicated that the Venezuelan detainees will be charged for conspiracy with a foreign government, terrorism, treason, rebellion, illicit trafficking in weapons of war, financing of terrorism and association to commit a crime. US citizens apprehended will be charged with terrorism, conspiracy, illicit trafficking in weapons of war, and association to commit a crime. All these are crimes to the detriment of the Venezuelan State, said the prosecutor.

He explained that, in the hearing that will be held this Friday, they will request arrest warrants for 22 citizens “for their involvement in the design, financing and execution of this act of war against the territory and the Venezuelan authorities.”

Later on Friday a video was circulated in social networks presenting the group of criminals at their hearing, wearing orange uniforms, face masks and with the US mercenaries having an interpreter by their side.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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