Venezuela’s Minister for Defense Responds to SOUTHCOM’s Craig Faller

Venezuela’s defense minister, General Vladimir Padrino, responded to the attacks by commander of the U.S. Southern Command, Craig Faller, accusing Venezuela of being at the center of a vicious circle of threats. Padrino tweeted: “After so many threats, provocations, and spaghetti westerns… What a rhetorical turn coming from the person who asked for military intervention [in Venezuela]. There will be neither military intervention, nor diplomatic ‘exit’ here. Here, there is a sovereign response to an internal situation, which is being resolved among Venezuelans.”

The US admiral said that he expects a “diplomatic solution” to the situation with Venezuela, so Padrino responded by clarifying that “the situation in the country is being resolved among Venezuelans.”

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Southern Command and its interventionism
Padrino’s response is due to the fact that Faller has previously insisted that, as the head of the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces, his main and true focus is on “putting diplomatic and economic pressure to accelerate the transition.” His words show once again his true intentions. Similar intentions motivate using the phrase diplomatic exit to conceal the continuous failure of the US in its aspirations to subdue Venezuela through force, the blockade, and coercive measures.

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Faller is the same person who said: “As a commander, there are other options. The United States Army is the most powerful country on Earth, and we are prepared to use it.”

Remember that last June, the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) warned that Craig Faller’s visit to Puerto Carreño (Colombian department of Vichada), in the border area with Venezuela, was “ironic and implausible.” They also described the visit as an “interventionist act in the midst of the systematic destabilization against Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan military force denounced Faller because he has systematically “meddled in the internal affairs of our nation through actions that seek destabilization.”


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