CNE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Evaluate International Accompaniment – Parliamentary Elections

On preparation for the elections on December 6, a coordinating meeting was held between the electoral body and the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations, in order to exchange experiences in the organization and implementation of international electoral support programs.

The meeting was chaired by the principal rector of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre, together with Chancellor Jorge Arreaza. In it, “a historical review of what has always been the courtesy and part of the policy of the electoral body to invite the international accompaniment, electoral experts, high political personalities of the world and that openness that has always characterized the Venezuelan electoral process”, Alfonzo explained.

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The president of the CNE pointed out that “in these parliamentary elections on December 6, 2020, we are not only strengthening the national sectors to come, to participate in the democratic party, but we also have an opening process, the Foreign Affairs Ministry being the body that must channel the State’s foreign policy,” she said.

In this sense, the electoral authority considered that “we, as an institution of the Venezuelan state, in respect of the system established by the Constitution and the principle of collaboration of powers, we have called the Foreign Ministry to exchange our views, our suggestions, there will also be considerations; we are activated because it is time to choose and receive all those who want to share this democratic celebration with us,” she stressed.

Guaranteed conditions
Alfonzo indicated that the objective of promoting accompaniment, both national and international, is to show the transparency, effectiveness, efficiency, of the electoral act and “contribute in some way with what would be the sounding board that allows the world to make the progress of the Venezuelan electoral processes its own,” according to the press release of the body.

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“We want the world to know this, in this meeting we have encouraged through your good offices as guarantor of the development of the foreign policy of the Venezuelan State, that we are in an electoral process that is developed efficiently, effectively, with transparency, with electoral guarantees in the legal, in the technical, in the technological, but also in the biosanitary area,” the highest representative of the Electoral Power pointed out.

Alfonzo reiterated that this electoral process has as a transversal element the fight against Covid-19, stating that “we have assumed with great commitment that human side that must permeate this electoral process” for which biosafety measures are present in each one of the stages of the electoral process, which include 15 audits, in which the participants will have the necessary tools to prevent Covid-19.

Finally, the president of the CNE emphasized that “we are fully convinced that the conditions exist at home to strengthen the democratic electoral channel that will lead to parliamentary elections,” she added.

Featured image: Chancellor Arreaza and the president of the CNE. Photo courtesy MFA

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Translation: OT/JRE/EF

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