Padrino López: The Violence They Intend to Sow in Venezuela Has its Spokesperson in the US

The Minister of the armed forces, the Popular Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López reacted, via Twitter, to the public confession made by, fugitive from justice Iván Simonovis, highlighting that the violent acts that they are trying to provoke in our country, so as to generate chaos, are all part of a deliberate strategy with an official spokesperson found in Washington.

Padrino López wrote: “The violence that is intended to sow ‘chaos’ in Venezuela has its plan and its official spokesperson in Washington. He is none other than the comandante de café [coffee-house Commander], the special super commissioner for security and intelligence (actually, serial killer) appointed by Donald Trump along with Narnia [Juan Guaidó’s ‘fantasy administration’].”

It is important to note that Iván Simonovis revealed that the aggressions that occurred in Apure State, perpetrated by Colombian irregular groups, and the acts of violence in Cota 905 in Caracas are not incidental, but are aimed at causing chaos throughout the country. Padrino López added that: “there is a common denominator between the events of Apure, which happened a month ago, and the events that occurred at Cota 905. This denominator is a will to paralyze the country.”

The opposition coup leader and fugitive from justice [Simonovis] confessed in a tweet that: “Chaos is nothing more than a hybrid war whose purpose is to create dysfunctionality in the country until it collapses. The cancer of destabilization will continue to advance in Latin America, and the only way to stop it is by creating a regional coalition capable of countering the advance of this movement.”

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Deployment in Apure counters Colombian violence
The Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), Admiral Remigio Ceballos, also reacted in a thread on Twitter, in regard to the pretensions of generating chaos in the country through operations that subvert national peace.

“The Liberator GJ [General-in-Chief] Simón Bolívar teaches us that the Homeland is a sacred fire that cannot be extinguished, and thast demands great sacrifices from us,” wrote Ceballos. “The heroism of our soldiers reflects the high morale and commitment to the defense of Venezuela!”

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In another comment, the senior official highlighted the work and discipline of the FANB in ​​the task carried out in Apure, where paramilitary groups intended to generate chaos: “From Apure, we continue to increase the amount of troops executing operations to combat and expel the irregular Colombian terrorist drug trafficking groups, to whom we have given heavy blows, and who we will continue fighting until we expel them all!” he commented.

He added, in a video that showcases the military exercises in the area, that the work of safeguarding Venezuela’s borders and the peace of the nation is in the hands of Venezuelans committed to the homeland: “The security of the nation and defense of all Venezuelans is the responsibility of the State. Nothing will stop our Homeland’s victorious march. The FANB together with the People will always triumph due to their experience, their courage, and perseverance. We will destroy the enemy of Venezuela.”


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