Trump Does Not Rule Out Rejecting Election Results if he Does Not Win

Donald Trump does not rule out rejecting the results of the November presidential elections, undermining public confidence in the US electoral process.

“I will have to see, you know, I will have to see (…) I am not going to say yes, and I am not going to say no, just as I refused to do it in the last elections,” said the US “strongman” Donald this Sunday in an interview with Fox News network.

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The White House occupant has refused to fully support the US electoral process and repeats the same stance he took before the 2016 election, when he had claimed that he would recognize the results only if he won.

The campaign by the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden, has responded to Trump’s statements, stating that “the US government is perfectly capable of escorting intruders out of the White House.”

Trump’s approval has slumped more and more in recent days due to his much-criticized and questioned response to the new coronavirus pandemic, the cause of Covid-19, and his handling of protests against police racism following the murder of African-American George Floyd.

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Meanwhile, four months ahead of the US presidential election, polls show that Democrat Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls.

Trump has questioned the results of those polls, calling them flawed and stating that Republicans are not being properly surveyed.

However, it is believed that the US president is quite aware that things are not going well for him, as highlighted by Trump’s latest measures, which include the replacement of his campaign manager.

According to a report released in late June by the US news outlet Politico, some people close to Trump reportedly indicated that the White House occupant privately admitted that he is losing the presidential election.

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