Minister for Defense: ‘Venezuela Has Transformed the Siege into an Opportunity for Innovation’

The Venezuelan Minister for Defense, Chief General Vladimir Padrino López, said this Saturday, April 17, that Venezuela has transformed the siege into an opportunity to innovate and test its own solutions.

One of the areas in which this stubborn determination not to give up is revealed is the military field.

From the Libertador shooting range, the effectiveness of the tanks refurbished by Venezuelan soldiers was tested, an achievement catalyzed by the challenge of a US-sponsored blockade against the Caribbean nation.

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“How great it feels to come to the field!” expressed Padrino López. “Not only to demonstrate the combative spirit, but also to show the whole world what we are really capable of doing, despite the blockade, the siege, the arrogance and tyranny of the US empire,” he added.

Units for defense
The tanks deployed in the firing tests will be available for the defense of territory in Apure state, informed the minister.

Regarding the violence at the border provoked by Colombian narco-terrorist groups, the Chief General stated that, “we, the Bolivarian Shield, are a retaining wall so that violence from the other side of the border cannot spill into Venezuelan territory… We do not want the movement of drugs, or paramilitary guerrillas, or armed groups, much less drug traffickers.”

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Venezuelan military engineering has not only recovered tank units that were previously out of service, but has also created useful prototypes for the destruction of antipersonnel mines, an unprecedented danger in Venezuela that was imported by criminal groups from Colombia.

“The deplorable attitude of these vandals, criminals, drug traffickers, Colombian groups—they are not satisfied with exporting cocaine; now they are exporting their model of perverse violence through the use of antipersonnel mines, a threat that did not exist in Venezuela,” decried Padrino López.

Protect our seas
In addition to the order to recover the inactive tanks, the Minister of Defense instructed for the recovery of the Venezuelan Navy ships to guarantee the safety of the national waters.

In this regard he said, “we need all our systems of ships, patrol boats, not only in seaworthy conditions, but also to be able to fire and launch missiles, in order to protect all spaces.”


Featured image: Venezuelan minister for defense, Vladimir Padrino López. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

(RedRadioVE) by Carlos Arellán

Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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